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Monday, July 31, 2017

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Perfect day, perfect weather, perfect venue, outstanding Bride and Groom. It was Jordan and Michael's wedding on Sunday July 23rd at the Ainsworth House and Gardens.

This of course is our favorite venue of all time so we were very excited about returning to Portland to photograph Jordan and Michael's celebration.  The Ceremony was officiated by Kevin Yell, proprietor of the AH&G, directed by Nancy the Managing Event Coordinator at AH&G and the reception was artfully managed by Denmark, of BridgeCity Music. 

The day was attended by family and friends who were in the mood to celebrate. There was romance in the air, alcohol at the bar and music playing on the dance floor. Jordan looked beautiful, Michael looked handsome they both looked in-love,

What  more could you need? It was a great day!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Rachel and David were married last Saturday June 10, 2017 on the bluffs at the The Inn at Otter Crest in miraculous weather and in the company of a magnificent community of family and friends.

The forecast said; "Rain with blustery winds at times. Don't plan on going outside and if you do don't plan on going very far or staying very long." As we all know (particularly those of us who reside on the Oregon Coast) if you don't like the weather (or the forecast), wait an hour. This was never made more evident that for the occasion of Rachel and David's Wedding. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and even more unusual, NO wind. It was perfect.

The bride, groom, and bridal party were ready to have fun and together we created the images to prove it. We started with prep shots, moved on to the first look and then took the entire bridal party to the beach for some fun in the sand. Then it was back up the stairs for a wonderful ceremony. 
officiated by Rachel and David's Zen Teacher.

After the ceremony it was time for lawn games, a delicious combo of seafood and pizza, yummy chocolates and a DJ who actually spun vinyl.

Thanks guys for letting us be part of your Wedding Day!.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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What a day it was at Heceta Head last Saturday! The weather was clear and beautiful with just a gentle breeze, no fog or  mist coming in off the ocean, warm enough to wander about without a jacket even as evening approached. It was a picture perfect day for Samantha and Frank to be married.

The date was September 9th, the weather was perfect, the bride was exquisite, the groom was rugged movie star handsome, the father of the bride was uninhibited, the meal (catered by Ona Restaurant in Yachats Oregon, was incredible. whew!

The ceremony took place at the on the grounds of the Light keepers Residence also known as the Light House Bed and Breakfast where we started bridal (and Groom) preps in the Mariner Rooms before heading outside to enjoy the weather and the beauty of the Oregon Coast.

This was a small intimate wedding, most of the family and visitors were from somewhere in Texas, not sure of the exact location but Texas isn't THAT big is it? As a matter of fact I'll bet that if you crossed the border into Texas and hollered, "Hey, where is everybody?",  the father of the bride would be right there to welcome you, shake your  hand and give you a million dollar smile.

This was one of my favorite weddings of the year, Loads of love, enthusiasm and an incredible location, What's not to love about that?

Thanks Sam and Frank for asking us to be your photographers, it was a blast!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Back to Portland from Florence for a very special wedding, Ludine and Barry were married on Saturday, August 27th at Lakeside Gardens. 

This was truly an international event with guests arriving from all over the world, what a celebration! Family and friends gathered in this wonderful location to witness Ludine and Barry join their lives together.

Ludine, our first Jamaican Bride that I can recall, looked beautiful in her exquisite gown with a full flowing beaded veil. Barry enjoyed it as well as evidenced by the look on is face during the first look. He's a man who enjoys beauty and personality. Ludine has both in abundance. Barry is quick with a smile and a full hearty laugh. When you are talking to him he makes you feel like you're the only person in the room. Very fine qualities in both Barry and Ludine.

After creating some images of Lu and Barry we shot family formals at the ceremony gazebo, enjoyed a wonderful ceremony, had an adventure with the bustle of the bride's dress and then we got ready to party.

The meal was delicious, (loved the Prime Rib) provided by Lakeside Gardens, The music, games and action of the party were directed by the Aussie DJ our friend and long time business acquaintance, Gavin. 

It was a great night and ended with some romantic night time images and a bubble exit to a stretch limo in which the drove off into the night while friends and family wished them well.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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This past Saturday, August 20th, Lisa and Dustin were married on the beach in Seaside Oregon just outside the Best Western Hotel.

An enthusiastic and loving group of family and friends attended the wedding and the beach reception.

The weather was typical Oregon Coast style; sunny and warm, then breezy, windy, and a few moments of gale force winds. Towards evening we even had a bit of mist and light rain which made the large bonfire a welcome addition to the festivities.

Delicious sandwiches, sodas, beer, hotdogs and s'mores were on the menu. It was a classic Oregon Beach party. What a great way to get married!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

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Sara and Joseph were married this past Saturday, August 6, 2016.  The wedding took place at Whaleshead Resort near Brookings Oregon on a beautiful sunny, windy day and was attended by an intimate gathering of family and friends.

After the wonderful ceremony that included a special ring for their daughter Lyla and was officiated by David Dagstanyan, a family friend, everyone moved to the reception cabin where delicious pizza awaited. Beer, pizza, good music, a photo booth, lots of fun family and friends, was the recipe for a great party! The sunset, the stars, the view from the deck, the romance, the intoxication, . . . whew!

Towards sunset Sara and Joseph, Patrice and I went to the beach.  A beautiful Bride and a dashing Groom backlit by the setting sun, being affectionate on an dramatic beach, made for some great images.

Thanks guys, for including us in your wedding day. It's always nice to photograph people on one of the  happiest days of their lives. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Clara Mae and Mark were married on June 26th 2016 at the Ainsworth Hose and Gardens in Oregon City. Our favorite venue was blessed with nice warm weather, specular blooms, love and joy, family and friends and a great party,  AND out Favorite DJ! Everything came together to create a wonderful celebration.

Clara Mae and Mark were married in the afternoon under the Giant Ponderosa Pine on the property. Those that have been around a while suggest the age and wisdom represented by this gentle giant have an influence on the marriages performed beneath it. Nice to think about isn't it? and it really is a majestic creature of nature

We created some wonderful images with Clara Mae and Mark in and around the gardens. 

The ceremony was officiated by Pastor Mark Reams who was Mark's(the Groom) youth pastor years ago and came all the way from Florida for the event.

The party was directed by Kris Kropotich who happens to be our favorite DJ extraordinaire, he KNOWS how to run a reception. We had lots of fun and lots of photo ops.

Thanks guys! it was a fun day.