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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Clara Mae and Mark were married on June 26th 2016 at the Ainsworth Hose and Gardens in Oregon City. Our favorite venue was blessed with nice warm weather, specular blooms, love and joy, family and friends and a great party,  AND out Favorite DJ! Everything came together to create a wonderful celebration.

Clara Mae and Mark were married in the afternoon under the Giant Ponderosa Pine on the property. Those that have been around a while suggest the age and wisdom represented by this gentle giant have an influence on the marriages performed beneath it. Nice to think about isn't it? and it really is a majestic creature of nature

We created some wonderful images with Clara Mae and Mark in and around the gardens. 

The ceremony was officiated by Pastor Mark Reams who was Mark's(the Groom) youth pastor years ago and came all the way from Florida for the event.

The party was directed by Kris Kropotich who happens to be our favorite DJ extraordinaire, he KNOWS how to run a reception. We had lots of fun and lots of photo ops.

Thanks guys! it was a fun day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful bride and a handsome groom. They also had a little princess with gorgeous red hair full of curls and big blue eyes. They are quite a happy little family. On Saturday, June 25th they were all married under a giant ponderosa pine tree. It is the giantest in the land, some, I've heard them, say it has magic qualitities. For if you get married under the giant pine you can hear it whisper, "You'll stay with me till the very end."

It was a  wonderful celebration! It all happened at the Ainsworth House and Gardens in Oregon City.
The day started EARLY before the  hot weather came  upon us, which was pleasant. We had time to wander the wonder and whimsey that is the Ainsworth Gardens.

The ceremony was performed by our favorite Officiant, The Rev. Kevin Yell, who also co-owns the venue. Then we adjourned to the party.

Bagels with cream cheese, pastries and sweets were on the menu for the day. Nice to get a sugar rush just as things are winding up to party level! The DJ was Trevor, with Dancin' Tunes. He had some good moves and taught them to those who appeared shy or just dance-move impaired.

All-in-all a great way to start the day, thanks guys for letting us shoot your wedding.

Monday, June 20, 2016

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Jucel and Tom were married last weekend, June 18, 2016 at St Francis Parrish in Sherwood Oregon.
Jucel is a Social Worker and Tom is a comic book Artist / Illustrator. Together they are a Bride and Groom Super Hero team, the Dynamic Duo of Matrimonial Bliss, the Super friends to all of their other friends, family and acquaintances  and just darn nice people.

We started out lost, . . . the GPS sent us to this lonely little neglected church building in a field surrounded by industrial storage and a partially burnt building. We decided that we would  make the best of it, went exploring, and suddenly there was the 'real' location; nice modern architecture, woodsey, the perfect  place for a wedding! It just kept getting better, wonderful sanctuary with lots of natural light, great access for pictures and a rock-star priest, well not an actual 'rock-star' but he was full of personality he and gave great mass.

After the preps, some romantic pictures, the cerremony by Father James Herrera, family formals and other portraiture it was time to go to the party at the Portland Brewing Company.

The buffet was unique, tasty but unexpected. We had breakfast. It was great. Any time you can combine breakfast with great beer and good people it is time for fun. I am not sure if it was a joke on the crowd or not but the DJ had the "Cha-Cha-Slide' by DJ Casper on an endless loop for about 15 minutes. At first I thought it was a last-person-standing type contest but right after grandma was carried from the dance floor by smiling intoxicated groomsmen, the song was changed. That room was hot and it was not only because of the 125 people on the dance floor, the floor was rockin! What a crowd. I have honestly, in seventeen years, not seen this many people all enthusiastic about a line-dance. What an experience.

Needless to say I think that we created some epic imagery

Thanks guys for inviting us to your party!

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

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Just outside of Rogue River Oregon, Holli and Robert and their family gathered for a wedding celebration staged in a gazebo that they built themselves on a picture perfect creekside property. It was the perfect setting, the perfect day, the perfect couple and the officiant wasn't bad either.

We arrived just as the air was warming up to toasty and the sky was a beautiful blue. Out walked Holli, a vision, in this spectacular dress that completely complimented the nature that surrounded us but at the same time made the definite statement, "I am here, now we can begin" in wonderful whimsical sort of way. Of course, Robert was right there too and he looked good.

We did indeed begin, we made some beautiful imagery together. It is so nice to photograph a couple so completely in love.

The ceremony was performed by me. In addition to traditional wedding stuff it included a hand fasting and a unity sand ceremony which was a family affair including their children.

Afterwards the ceremony and the love mob hugs and stuff we created some family portraits.

I am so sure that this will be one of "those" happily ever after stories. Thanks guys for letting us be part of your day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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Shivani and Scott were married last Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the beautiful, historic, Adrianna Hill Ballroom in downtown Portland. It was a spectacular affair, celebrated and attended by an enormous number of family and friends, who were all ready to party and wish the newlywed couple happiness and joy.

There  are many opportunities for great images at the Adrianna, from the loveliness of the bridal suite to the dark romantic mystery of the balcony and decorative staircases. We walked across the street to Director's Park for some quick shots before the rain started and even caught a few pics in front of the old Guild Theater as the rain started to fall. Then it was back to the ballroom for family formals, a wonderful ceremony, cake, dancing, hugging, kissing, and then a party broke out.

Thanks guys, for letting us be a part of your day!

Monday, April 04, 2016

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Anjie and Len were married last Saturday, April 2 2016, at the Heceta Head Lighthouse State Park.

It was a beautiful day and location for a wedding celebration. The ceremony was performed by a friend of the family, Tay McEdwards, and was attended by a wonderful group of family and close friends and Domino the Australian Shepard sporting quite the flashy bowtye.

Anji an Len stayed at the Lightkeepers House B&B which gave us the opportunity to make lots of great images documenting their day.

Have fun, hope you had a wonderful party and thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day!

Monday, October 19, 2015

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It was wonderfully refreshing last Saturday to shoot a wedding where everything was 'picture perfect', well coordinated, beautiful, felt spontaneous and flowed as smooth as silk.

Jacqueline and Skip were married on Saturday October17th on at an exquisite private home overlooking CoosBay (the actual bay).  We had marvelous weather; blue skies with fluffy clouds. Everything was perfect.  With the help of many marvelous people, two in particular, we created some art and had a beautiful shoot.

What a wonderful day.

A big THANK YOU to Liz and Mike Kinzie for opening up their beautiful home for Jacqueliine and Skip's celebration. Liz, you run a flawless event.  Everything looked and felt perfect and the flow of events was very natural and smooth.

The ceremony was officiated by Nate Lewis. In addition to being a great officiant, he and his wife own an operate Wild Oats Studios, in Coquille. Wild Oats is a vintage clothiing/jewelry resource with hundreds if not thousands of one-of-a-kind items. It's like, well, . . . stepping through the looking glass, . . .

Jacqueline and Skip's DJ, Your Way Sound and Lights , was truely world class.  He was an MC without equal.  Jeff kept the party moving, played a great combination of music and was great to work with. Kudo's to Jeff!

It was a marvelous party and a wonderful celebration, Thanks for the great time!